SRI Growler APP

The SRI Growler Station App for SRI Discount Liquors in South Plainsfield, NJ allows you to access what beers are currently on tap at their 14 tap Growler station. The app also has a listing of what beers are on deck for the station and an event listing for any up and coming events. It even has a section to open your mind to some newer beers at the store and educate you a bit. The on tap section gives you the name of the beer, the ABV percentage and the price with a brief description on that particular beer. You can FaceBook update and/or tweet your selection and share with your friends. Get the current selection in real time as SRI will be updating whenever a keg is kicked.

We update constantly and try to keep you up to date on what’s happening, hope to see you at the SRI growler station soon!