Established in 2007, Island Officials is a game, web & app development studio based in Southern New Jersey. The company is an officially licensed developer with Nintendo, Sony and Apple – our games are focused on mobile and casual platforms including iOS, Android, Nintendo DS-3DS-Wii U, PC, Mac and Sony. As a specialized developer on multiple platforms Island Officials’ games are built to appeal to casual and core gamers. With a proven ability to deliver software that entertains a wide audience, Island Officials is your perfect source for developing original and licensed titles.

Island Officials offers a cost effective, streamlined and milestone approach to game, web and app production. When creating we pride ourselves on the following strengths:

  • Our management team offers a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach to game production, and to all of our business relationships.
  • Our development team members are passionate about making games and are dedicated to delivering products on time, and on budget.
  • Our team is experienced – with a history of producing games on multiple platforms we’ve fine tuned our production methodology and are ready to take on the biggest challenges.