IGDA @ GDC 2014- Famous Missions Card Game

March 18, 2014

IGDA_logoThanks to the folks at Island Officials in New Jersey, the IGDA will be offering special edition starter decks of their upcoming game, Famous Missions, for attendees to play throughout the week!

In Famous Missions, you have been picked to save the world by using some of the most famous (and infamous) people from history. Choose your candidate and defend your choice… to the death! Or at least, to the end of the round.

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Courier Post- Trio hopes to take Woodbury video game company to the next level

April 15, 2013

CourierPostAfter peddling video games at retail stores for years, two Gloucester County developers decided they belonged behind the scenes, not the counter.

So five years ago, Ryan Morrison of Woodbury Heights co-founded a video game development company called Island Officials. His partner is Ryan Harbinson of Williamstown, one of his former students and co-workers.

“We wanted to make video games and we figured out how to do that,” said Morrison, 39. “A little self-taught; a little spit and polish.”


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Indie Game Mag interview

September 21, 2012

Check out a brand new issue of IGM! This issue features the review of the gorgeous XBox Live Summer of Arcade game, Dust: An Elysian Tale. There’s also a large feature and interview with Indie Studio, Island Officials and a new design column that focuses on Minecraft. Other articles include coverage of Orcs Must Die 2, Deponia, Knytt Underground, Awesomenauts, Dyad, Unmechanical, Under the Ocean, Edmund McMillen’s Basement Collection and more. Stay up to date with all the latest indie game news by grabbing this issue of the indie game magazine.


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Gloucester County Times- Tiki Tiki Games in Woodbury has a mix of old and new games

September 9, 2012

Tiki Tiki Games LMN_3437.jpgBefore the computer age, colorful boards — accompanied by spinners or dice and pawns or pieces — ruled game time.

It was these seemingly ancient board games that inspired Ryan Morrison and Ryan Harbinson to go into the gaming industry.

“In 2007, Ryan and I and a friend of ours wanted to develop video games,” said Morrison, now CEO of Island Officials game development studio located inside Tiki Tiki Board Games on Broad Street in Woodbury. “We had a background in retail and were basically hobbyists.”


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