Chicken Flingers


Help Mother Hen and the other farmers fling their chickens in the air to give them some much needed exercise. Your job is simple, just swipe to fling the chickens in the air and then juggle as many as you can for as long as possible. Gain multipliers for having numerous chickens in the air at once to really boost your score, but watch out for the sneaky farmer who is constantly trying to steal your chickens! Easy to pick up and play but difficult to master, try “Chicken Flingers” today!



  • JUGGLE a variety of chickens like classic white, red rooster, and brown hens
  • DEFEND your chickens from the sneaky farmer who is out to steal your livestock
  • HELP four different farmers give their chickens some much needed exercise
  • COLLECT unique golden chickens along the way to gain extra lives



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