Frantic Frog Press Release

Contact: Ryan Morrison

Phone: 856-202-5103


Hopkins embarks on his latest adventure in Frantic Frog

A New Jersey-based game developer is set to release a comical and frantic arcade-action game featuring Hopkins the frog for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

WOODBURY, NJ, June 20, 2013 – Over the past year Island Officials – an independent game developer based in southern New Jersey – has been developing a mobile game that will launch this month on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

“The mobile app market is a viable platform for independent developers looking to launch games with a small budget. Frantic Frog has been in production since last May. The game was originally a very rough prototype that was developed by two of our interns at the time, Jeff Mooney and Dan Boehmke” said Ryan Morrison, CEO at Island Officials.

In Frantic Frog, you must help Hopkins the frog eat as many flies as he can while avoiding the bees to be full enough to survive the harsh winter. Along the way Hopkins will eat a variety of bugs, but some he wants to avoid, such as the Ladybug who temporarily stuns him when eaten. Some flies like the Super Fly are too big to eat in just one bite. It’s going to take multiple hits to bring that bad boy down.

While playing, players can play in a total of 5 game modes, each suited to a specific kind of play style. For example, very young players and players who need to better practice the art of bug-eating will love Zen Mode, a peaceful mode where the player can just relax and let the sounds of the pond guide them. On the other side of the spectrum is Wasp Mode, where the player needs to avoid wasps and eat only a specific kind of bug. “This is my favorite mode,” said Ryan Harbinson, COO of Island Officials. “I really want players to be challenged by it. Hopefully no one will break their devices in frustration! How will they play the game?!” Harbinson laughed.

Island Officials has pledged to donate a portion of the game’s profits to Save the Frogs! in order to help worldwide frog populations. “I noticed that a few movies did this to better society. Why shouldn’t games?” Morrison remarked.

“Whether it’s the catchy music, the wonderful art, the engrossing gameplay, or just the notion that you did something good for real frogs, we believe casual and hardcore players alike will find a reason to add Frantic Frog to their homescreen” said Morrison.

Catch those flies, one season at a time!