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The Biz Dev App, available for ANDROID and iOS devices, enables your business to connect with your clients in real time.  The app provides up to the minute updating on any of the information you need to share. This information could be menu items, daily specials, closeout items, newly available items, general information, event listings, directions and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom Layout & Design- your app icon, splash page, buttons, backgrounds, layout & design choices are customized for your needs.

  • 9 buttons are used for displaying services/menu/item selections and details

  • One standard tab for information to support the splash page information

  • 7-9 customized buttons that are created and crafted to fit your needs-each tab starts with as many items as needed to be listed how you choose, selections can be expanded for more items upon request at a small additional development cost

  • For an additional cost tabs can have multiple tiers to provide menu information or large selections

  • Titles are limited to 64 characters with additional informational fields for price or other information

  • The detail fields have unlimited characters and contain Facebook and Twitter functionality/buttons for immediate social media sharing

  • Facebook and Twitter auto fill in is customizable for all selections to create #hashtags and @profile call-outs

  • Web interface for real time updating to be done by your establishment-eliminating the need for constant updates and additional costs

  • Video and digital documentation on how to operate your web interface for updates

  • Full guarantee and on call technician for any technical issues we guarantee to resolve

  • Updates can be negotiated at a discount for future app updates and additions

  • One Time Payment-NO MONTHLY FEES!!!

Cost/Schedule Estimate

  • Development is approximately 2-3 weeks excluding submission to respective app stores

  • Payment is due at the time of launch

  • 3 review sessions to include 2 pre submission and one post/pre launch via screenshots or in person if available

  • Please email us at for any questions or inquiries