Orion’s Odyssey

Now Available on the eShop and DSiWare

Orion’s Odyssey: A Pattern Blocks Adventure is a comedy-puzzle game with memorable characters, a strong emphasis on presentation and a whole lot of heart. Follow Orion, an alien robot with the fantastic ability to construct any object he can think of, as he journeys around our planet to help everyone he comes across, whether they ask for it or not! Together with his sidekick Ryan, a hyperactive seven-year old with a thirst for adventure, they will journey across ten unique levels filled with zany characters, odd creatures and a plethora of puzzles to solve!

 Multiple game modes!
In Adventure mode, follow Orion’s journey on the top screen, and help him get out of tight spots and tough situations by solving puzzles on the bottom touch screen! Then, watch the items you create appear in Orion’s world, often with hilarious results!

At any point in the adventure, players can revisit any previously solved puzzles in Free-play mode. Find interesting and new solutions to puzzles to earn more points and unlock cool bonuses!

While Adventure mode was designed to be accessible for all players, we made Challenge mode with the hardcore puzzle aficionado in mind. Players will find that all the puzzles in the game have added stipulations, including restrictions on what pieces they can use, while some puzzles have been completely changed from the ground up.

Finally, players can let their creativity soar in Sandbox mode, where players can create their own patterns using the touch screen and stylus.

Unique scoring system!
The fun of pattern block puzzles is that they can be solved in a variety of ways, so we wanted to reward players for utilizing their creativity. After solving a puzzle, the player is rewarded points using a scoring system that rewards efficient and creative play. Challenge yourself to try and solve puzzles using the least amount of pieces, or find other unique solutions to maximize your score in each level!

Dozens of extras!
In order to make the game a rewarding experience, we included lots of unlock-able extra content! In the store, players can use the points they’ve earned while playing the game to buy a variety of bonus content from Paul Buckley, Pattern Blocks premier vendor. We’ve included several galleries of production and marketing artwork, the ability to play any music track, full bios for every character in the game, and more!

Thanks to all our Kickstarter backers