Splatter: A Game of Murder

Grab a weapon. Become a killer. Begin the slaughter.

In SPLATTER, you are the murderer.

Acquire weapons that define your killing personality. Become a SLASHER, and wield a Carving Knife. Become a MANIAC, and suffocate your opponent with a Plastic Bag. Become a DEMON, and coat your enemies in Green Vomit. Become a BEAST, and use your Venom Fangs.

Let victims free and slaughter them to gain better weapons, or use them to stop the incoming onslaught of attacks by your opponent. Give them survival tools to make them stronger, and avoid damage such as a Crushed Clavicle, a Broken Jaw, or an Achilles’ Cut.

The only way to survive is to kill. How will you survive in SPLATTER?

design by A. Robert Basile
art by Karl Dahmer
graphic design by Kristen McKenna
production by Island Officials LLC