The World of Pixel Lincoln

The world of Pixel Lincoln is ever-changing. One day you might be hanging out in present day New York City (1987 of course), and the next you may be in the Mesozoic Era climbing Mount Everest. Which just happened to be a volcano back then. Remember?

And in this world, everyone is out to get you. First of all, there are Luchadors everywhere. John Wilkes Booth has amassed an army of his finest men, and secretly disguised them as Luchadors. And then there are the animals. All of the animals have been equipped with weapons (sometimes just strapped to them), and they will do everything they can to stop you from finding Booth.

Luckily there are still some normal people that will assist you in your journey. Normal people like Newt Kappy, the trigger happy military general, and Psychosaur, the corporate mascot wanna-be, turned video game tour guide.

Next time, we’ll look a little closer at the characters like Newt Kappy and Psychosaur, and share their bios and trading cards!